long lake conservatory

In May, Central Elementray 5th Grade students went on a 3 day field trip to Long Lake Conservation Center in Palisade, MN. Their days were jam packed with activities, including:
Bog Trek - students got to explore a bog ecosystem 
Thicket Ecology - learned about how animal adaptations help them survive
Archery - shooting bow and arrows
Snakes and other animals - learned about reptiles and amphibians and their survival adaptations.
Survival shelters - teams had to make the best shelter in the woods to withstand a storm 
Compass skills - learned how to use a compass to find different places
Wilderness lunch- groups had to create a cooking fire to make hotdogs for lunch 
Cooperation Course - team building activities 
Hoot class - learned about different types of owls 
Orienteering race - teams put their compass skills to the test to complete a race in the woods as quickly as possible. We even had some students make it onto the camp leader board!

The students were big fans of the amazing food, the dorm rooms where they got to hang out between activities, and the free time they had to play outside. Favorite classes were archery and the cooperation course. The camp staff was amazing!

The entire elementary school did a $1 hat day fundraiser each Friday as a way to provide scholarship funds for those who need it. In total, students raised enough money from that fundraiser to provide 3 scholarships!