marble toes game

On Monday May 16, students at Central Elementary participated in the annual Track & Field day. Mr. Kosek does an outstanding job putting this event together, but he says the day wouldn't be possible with out the help of volunteers, including parents, high school students, teachers and staff members.

"It is so nice to see the kids returning to pre-covid activities", one staff member said, "The smiles and laughter that could be seen and heard warmed my heart." 

Along with the games and races planned by Mr. Kosek including: Marble Toes, Water Balance Relay, Tic Tac Toe, Ships Across The Ocean “water style”, Water Ball Tag , 3- Legged Race, Human Foosball, Penguin Relay, Dizzy Dash, Break Station, Rat Race, Long Jump, High Jump Hurdles, 100 M(Grades 3-5) 50 M Dash(K -2), Sharks and Lifeguards; students were also given the option to participate in a kickball game.

Thank you to Mr. Kosek, Staff and volunteers for making this day possible!