ground breaking

On May 23, 2022, representatives from Central Public Schools, the City of Norwood Young America, Nexus Solutions, students, parents and community members participated in a groundbreaking ceremony in front of the 1911 building marker at Central High School.

To begin the event, Superintendent Timothy Schochenmaier invited the 35 attendees to introduce themselves.  After the introductions, Schochenemaier addressed the group, “Today is a historic day for Central Public Schools!  When I first became the superintendent I was asked if this was going to be the time when the city and the school could work together for the betterment of the community.  Well, today is that day!”

School Board Chair Sara Eischens stated, "This will change how we educate our students.”

After the Central Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously to move forward with a building project in August of 2021, school representatives and city representatives rolled up their sleeves and dug into the work of partnership.  The result was a gym addition with a ground level walking track to benefit the students at Central, but also the greater community by having open hours before and after school.  This proposal represented by question #2 on the ballot passed with 68% approval by the citizens of Central Public Schools.

Mayor Lagergren spoke at the groundbreaking, “Central Public Schools is such an amazing asset to our community!  It is not only our largest employer but the district also provides amazing partnership options for civic groups, businesses and community members.  This new facility will provide opportunities for enhanced learning and extracurricular activities for our children and the new walking track will be an awesome addition to the community.”

Work is set to begin at the beginning part of June 2022 and continue through September 2023.  The community can expect to see many changes in the coming months.  The District has hired Nexus Solutions to oversee the architectural drawings, engineering and construction management of the project.

“Nexus Solutions is very privileged to be part of this whole process. The District and community have been such great partners and very supportive through the referendum and design process.  The transformation of the community’s schools and grounds will be exciting to witness over the next 18 months,” stated Ellie Gilliam from Nexus.

Schochenmaier then asked if there were any last words before the ground was broken.

Colin Willems, a current 10th grader and member of the student design team had fitting final words for the group, “It’s about time!”

And with that, the shovels went into the ground.