hall of fame

Class of 2022 Hall of Fame:

Most likely to break into song and dance:  Logan Sons & Hailey Buckentin

Best person to be stranded on a desert island with (most prepared): Nicholas Vinkemeier & Kaitlynn Nelson

Most Artistic:  Brodie Guentzel & Greta Feist

Most likely to never leave:  Matt Traver & Brenna Braunworth

Most likely to be best friends forever:  Jake Kalkes & Ben Hoernemann ;  Lauren Smith & Anna Meeker

Most likely to brighten your day:  Riley Lentsch & Kelsey Harms

Worst Driver:   Caleb McMullen & Lauren Smith

Most Changed:   Charles Grady & Adeline Willems

Most likely to become your boss:  Alex Gort & Erin Bohn

Most likely to become famous:  Mason Emerick & Bailey Vanderlinden

Most Athletic: Jake Kalkes & Kalli Wischnack

Most likely to save the planet:   Nick Christianson & Elizabeth Lenzen

Best Smile:  Ben Hoernemann & Paige Lueck

Best Style:  Brandon Wickenhauser & Jenna Flaata

Best Hair:   Evan Dietzel & Cassandra Schultz

Class Clown:  Miles Willemssen & Drea Smith

Most likely to be late:  Matt Franck & Rachel Scott

Most unforgettable:  Josh Weege & Peyton Tietz