tutor recognized

Cologne Kurious Kids gets a shout out from Minnesota Reading Corps currently AMPACT for outstanding tutor Jen Klinkner, her coach Charlotte Sandeen and Team teacher Betsy Pysick. On a site visit they recognized our team for great early childhood practices, staff

teamwork and overall creativity and joy they could see as they watched the children learn and play.

Cologne Kurious Kids Minnesota Reading Corps has been a staple in the Cologne Kurious Kids program for over 10 years! Back in 2009, Betsy Pysick joined as a professional tutor and completed a 2 year service (as that is all they would allow at the time). She then moved on to recruiting new tutors for the Cologne and Norwood sites and also became a reading corps coach. Eventually all current Kurious kids teachers have served as professional MRC tutors and recruited many community corps tutors.

Many of these tutors have also accepted positions here in our district. One of those recruited was Charlotte Sandeen who served a 4 year term in Cologne and then joined us as an assistant teacher at the Cologne site. Charlotte has since stayed connected with the program and has been a huge asset as the reading corps internal coach for many of the
tutors in this area. We were then lucky enough to have Jen Klinkner serve as our next MRC community tutor. She has been with the program for the past 3 years and has already accepted a 4 th term for 2022-23. She has been an amazing addition to our team
and it shows in the smiles of the kiddos when they work with her.

We have embraced the Reading/Math corps initiative here at Kurious Kids and the results are amazing. The children leave here ready and confident to be successful in the school years ahead of

Minnesota Reading Corps--the nation’s largest AmeriCorps tutoring program--and Minnesota Math Corps are helping ensure that children become successful readers by the end of third grade and proficient in math by the end of eighth grade. We train and place more than 1,500 literacy and math tutors each year in schools across Minnesota to work
with children age 3 through grade 8.