book club

Ms. Winn has opened a book club for her Middle School “WIN time” students. The Book club (made up of 7th and 8th Grade students) takes place on Thursdays  during WIN Time, meaning students choose to sign up for the book club. Additionally, students sign up to bring a form of breakfast food to eat while they read providing club’s nickname "Books and Bagels."

"We have about 15-18 students reading "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder", a young adult fiction series by Holly Jackson" Winn Said .  “As a group, students listed books they were interested in reading, and we voted on this one to read first. The second book chosen was "The Book Thief," a book based on World War II events.”

During book club, students take turns reading and discussing possible themes. They also have a story board for possible theories of for solving the murder mystery.

Ms. Winn decided on forming a book club as she believes it "gives students a voice in what books they want to read and exposes them to new book ideas, along with sharpening their analytical reading skills. This also gives them a safe space to relax, read a book, make friends, and have conversation over good food."