business education

Ms. Korngable teaches business classes (as well as Middle school Keyboarding classes at Central).  The Business Education courses offered at Central High School this school year have included Personal Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Computer Applications and Web Design. These courses offer a wide variety of business and technology related topics for students to explore. 

Currently Ms. Korngable is teaching Personal Finance, Marketing and Web Design. In Personal Finance, students are learning about Financial Pitfalls such as Identity Theft, Playing the Lottery and Predatory Lending. To wrap up the year, students will be talking about financial goals and creating a Financial Goals Journal. In Marketing, students have recently completed  a Personal Branding Unit, where they applied marketing strategies they have learned about throughout the course to marketing ourselves in the workplace. 

This week, students are viewing episodes of the entrepreneurship TV show Shark Tank, and reviewing a number of Marketing concepts that we have learned this year. In Web Design, after finishing up learning about Coding, we have transitioned into a Graphic Design Unit where we have been gaining skills in photoshop through a number of fun activities including Pop Art, and Text Portrait projects. 

One of Ms. Korngable's main goals for her Business Education courses is that students gain some valuable skills, and knowledge that either help them in their post-high school life, or expose them to a career path that they enjoy. 

Business Education courses are great for students who want to learn more about a business or technology related field, or gain some real-world skills! I hope all students leave my classroom having gained some unique, and valuable insights.