Mission Vision Values

Your school board has been hard at work creating a plan for the future of Central Public Schools.  The school board went through a  rigorous process to develop a new Mission, Vision and Values for the school district. 

Mission, Vision, Values:  Why are they important?

The importance of an organization to develop a vision, mission, and values is critical for strategic direction. It helps every employee and customer know the purpose of its existence and core values on which it is governed. It is an integral part of a school district’s strategy that helps to set priorities, allocate resources, and ensure that everyone is working towards common goals and objectives, thus providing a road-map to the future. 

The mission statement provides the direction that is to be followed by the school district while the vision statement provides the goal, or the destination, to be reached by following the direction.  

Central Public Schools new Mission, Vision and Values


Ensuring the next generation will identify ways to positively impact our communities.

Mission Statement 

Educate, Inspire, Empower - Every Student, Every Day

Central Public Schools Value

Community- Collaborating together to share our success and accomplish our goals.

Kindness- Genuine effort to show compassion for others and realize the value and potential of all

Integrity-Promoting the highest standards of ethical behavior, fairness and honesty with ourselves and others.

Innovation- discovering creative opportunities and solutions for purposeful improvement.

Relationships-Creating positive connections that last a lifetime.