Central Elementary AAA:

What is AAA? AAA stands for Arts and Academic Awards.  This program is an organized way of encouraging and recognizing our students’ achievements in many arts and academic subject areas.  This is the 34th Year Central Elementary has held this program.

AAA is an optional activity, similar to doing 4H projects or entering items in the County Fair.  Students can choose a category in an area they are interested in and prepare/practice for that category at home.  There are a wide variety of categories for students to choose from, including test-taking categories, performance categories, and project categories. 

This year there were 171 entries in AAA!   Students in grades 1-4 can enter one category and students in 5th grade can enter two categories.

Categories of activities/projects students can pick from are:

  • Test taking categories which include: math, spelling, and reading.
  • Performance categories which include: instrumental music, vocal music, dance routine, creative dance, gymnastic routine, memorization, and miscellaneous performances (karate, juggling, magic tricks, and skits).
  • Project Categories which include: Creative writing, handwriting, photography, power point, scrapbooking, social studies project and visual arts.  

Each category is judged by grade and each category has different requirements. 

Blue ribbon performances and projects will be recorded and presented digitally.  Families will be able to watch the blue-ribbon performances through a YouTube video.