Speech Team written in colorful letters

We have had 3 high school meets and 2 middle school meets in the past few weeks.

Middle School: (Middle school meets are for grades 7-9)

**Jordan Middle school meet highlight was that Erika Mork got 2nd place in Prose. 

**Watertown Middle school meet Erika got 3rd in prose & Kailey Tweist took 5th in prose. 

For the High School Meets:

**Maple Lake where we had great success. 
Morgan Pieper got 8th place in Poetry, 
Abby Beltz got 8th in storytelling
Hailey Buckentin and Bailey Vanderlinden got 8th in duo,  
Amy Wickenhauser got 7th in Persuasive,
Erika Mork got 5th in prose, 
Joe Docken got 4th and Jacob Rademacher took 2nd in Drama, 
Ellie Coffel took 3rd in Informative, 
Lily Werverka got 2nd and Wyatt Borst took 1st in Humorous, 
Ellie and Wyatt took 1st in Duo

***The St. Anthony meet was our largest meet. There were around 425 students competing at this meet. Also, this was our first meet with finals. So first, the students have to perform in 3 rounds and make it to finals. Then they have to compete once more in front of 3 judges against the best people in their category.  Despite the huge competition, Wyatt Borst WON the humorous competition. St. Anthony are the "Huskies" so for a trophy, he took home a little stuffed husky with a blue ribbon. The last time we placed at St. Anthony was when Brandon Fabel placed his senior year. 

Bosrt takes First in Humorous Speech - video

**This past weekend we had great success at Dassel Cokato. 

Dassel Cokato gives out a charger award for a team member who plays a big roll but maybe doesn't always get up on stage. This award was given to Evelyn Chvala for her hard work in a new category this year. 

Peyton Tietz and Lily Werverka got 3rd place and Ellie Coffel 

Wyatt Borst got 2nd place in Duo. 

Avery Lueck got 6th in Poetry. 
Lily Springer got honorable mention in humorous. 
Lily Werverka placed 5th in honors finals in humorous.  

And again Wyatt Borst won humorous. This kid is on fire this year. 

This weekend is our Minnesota River Conference Meet, so be sure to wish the kids good luck!