Raider PRIDE

CONGRATULATIONS to the Middle School FEBRUARY Award Winners!
THANK you ALL for showing your RAIDER PRIDE!!

These students were awarded Central Middle School Raider Pride Student of the Month for the month  of February.

Lilly Howe-"She's very respectful and shows a lot of effort in class."

Aiden Wachholz-"He spilled my water and helped me clean it up."

Taye Bunn-"He helped pick up a crayon box and helped clean our room."

Aiden Jensen-"I spilled my pencils and he helped me pick them up."

Brayden Dent-"He was sticking up for me. He is nice, kind, funny, and he always helps me."

Teagan Wenzel-"She has been a good friend."


Academic Achievement Award: 

(sponsored by Subway, Unhinged Pizza & Lazy Loon Lanes, NYA)


      1.  hands in work on time

      2.  consistently exhibits good effort

      3.  displays high academic standing or shows significant improvement


6th grade:   Raiden Slathar & April Henkel

7th grade:   Emily Romero & Caleb Michels

8th grade:   Faith Hecksel & Hunter Smith


Lions' Citizenship Award:

(sponsored by NYA Lions Club)     


      1.  treats self, others, and property with respect

      2.  displays a positive attitude

      3.  accepts responsibility

      4.  willing to help others


6th grade:   Braelyn Jens & Andrew Kurtz

7th grade:   Mackenzie Simon & Ryan Moberg 

8th grade:   Emily Hedrick & Treiton Schulz


Character Award:

(sponsored by Unhinged Pizza NYA)


      1.  shows excellence in character


6th grade:  Sam Davis

7th grade:  Carson Mellingen 

8th grade:  Treyton Gratz