School Board recognition and with gavel

We asked our Board Members:

 "What does being on the School Board mean to you?"

~Sara Eischens: CHAIR: Member since 2015 Being a school board member means always putting students first and working together as a board to govern the district by setting policies, establishing a vision, advocating for district needs and supporting staff and administrators to enhance student achievement. Being a Central school board member is a huge honor and a role that I feel carries a high level of responsibility. As a member on Central's school board, I am able to work with the board to strengthen and enhance student success and achievement, something that I personally am extremely passionate about and committed to.

~Nicole Evenski: VICE-CHAIR: Member since 2013 To me, being a school board member means directly impacting the education that our children are receiving and working with a group of like-minded individuals to increase the quality of education in our schools

~Rich Schug: CLERK: Member since 2005 I am involved with the board to give students and parents opportunity and value in education

~Kyle Strickfaden: TREASURER: New Member in 2020 I'm excited to be a school board member at Central, and I'm looking forward to working with the other board members to make positive changes at our schools.

~Elroy Latzig: Member since 1997 Being a School Board Member means I am able to help give students the best education and prepare them for the future.

~Sarah Lehrke: New Member in 2020 I am so excited to get started and to give my time and talents to our school district. I hope to make a positive impact that helps our students to be their absolute best to set them up for success!

~Shelby Erickson; New Member in 2020 I am both honored and excited to be able to represent the communities of Norwood Young America, Cologne, and Hamburg on the school board for District 108. I am especially excited that both the operating levy and the capital project bond were approved by such an overwhelming amount. To me, that proves that our communities are ready for change and excited to support our students and our school district and I am thrilled to be able to be a part of it.