On the "glamorous" evening of May 4, 2024, Central High School rolled out the red carpet for its highly anticipated "A Night in Hollywood" Prom. The festivities commenced with a Car Cruise kicking off at 4:30, setting the stage for a night filled with excitement reminiscent of Hollywood glamour.

At 6 o'clock, the Grand March dazzled attendees as they strutted down the runway, showcasing their elegant attire and radiant smiles, making memories to last a lifetime.

Dinner was a culinary delight, catered by none other than the esteemed Chef Craig. The carefully selected menu was crafted to perfection, ensuring a feast fit for a celebrity.

As the night unfolded, the dance floor called, drawing students into a whirlwind of music and movement. The DJ spun tunes that kept the energy high and the spirits soaring all night long.

But the excitement didn't end there. Following the dance, students were welcomed by enthusiastic "Post-Prom" parent volunteers, who had prepared a spectacular array of activities to keep the fun going. From seemingly endless food choices to engaging games and even a mesmerizing hypnotist, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

And let's not forget the highlight of the evening: the chance to win incredible prizes. With a bounty of coveted rewards up for grabs, from gift certificates to paddleboards, cash, and televisions, anticipation ran high as students eagerly awaited the announcement of the lucky winners.

Central High School's Prom 2024 was truly a night to remember, a dazzling affair straight out of Hollywood's golden age.


Grand March


Grand March "FUN WALK"